Payroll Setup of Initial Accounts

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Properly setting up an initial payroll account not only streamlines your ability to stay on top of your legal and regulatory responsibilities as an employer, but it can also save you time and help protect you from incurring costly Internal Revenue Service (IRS) penalties.

What is your value?

  • Your payroll accounts are setup accurately the first time
  • Save valuable time on a tedious process with the comfort of a professional
    who is trained to work through application process properly and timely
  • You can continue working on your business
  • You will avoid costly mistakes

What does it include?

  • Application for Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
  • Enrollment in Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
  • Application for Alabama withholding account number *
  • Registration with state e-filing system (i.e. AL = My Alabama Taxes)*
  • Application for Alabama Department of Labor eGov online account access*
  • Registration for Alabama Department of Labor unemployment account number* /**
    * If your payroll is located outside Alabama, please call for a quote.
    ** The registration cannot be completed until you have $1,500 of wages.

How does it work?

  • We complete the applications and online registrations for you
  • You provide us with the PIN number and account numbers mailed to you
  • We finalize the enrollment
  • We let you know when it is complete

When is it due?

  • Allow 1-2 weeks of setup time prior to processing your first payroll
  • Registration for state unemployment account numbers and online access cannot be completed until you have $1,500 of wages

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