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CPA/Accountant - Experienced Public Accounting Professional

We are offering a select opportunity to welcome an experienced public accounting professional to our team! We are seeking a highly motivated individual who thrives in a team environment, excels in public accounting and is willing to step up to the plate to help provide proactive solutions for some of the best businesses in Baldwin County and beyond.

  • Full-time, in-office setting.
  • Customer service and efficiency focused.
  • Hands-on team environment.
  • QuickBooks & Tax experience is a must. *
  • Business accounting experience is preferred. (Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax)

Hands up like a champ! – TFG Team

*NOTE: We do not currently offer audit services, so this position will not require audit experience.

What to expect working here at TFG

"The Faircloth Group, P.C., is a very team-oriented work environment. Each team member contributes their own talents and strengths to collectively accomplish the common goal – winning! It’s not about the job position you have and being limited to a specific set of tasks only you are responsible for carrying out every day. Here, it’s all about working with each other to give our customers excellent service – every time. Our team mentality is not limited to just our team members, it extends to our customers as well – when our customers win, we win too." - Mandy Kostelecky (Founding Team Member)